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What are the pros and cons of international investing?
Commentary on why it may pay to invest globally.

Jason's Answers

Bullish on China?
05/01/2004: TIME Magazine
Investments abound, but beware the hype.

Online chat at Morningstar.com
03/01/2002: www.morningstar.com
Among other things, Jason discusses investment risk, diversification, index funds, market timing, and how the mutual fund industry should get its act together. (Note: free registration required.)

Performance Review: Part 1
07/18/2000: money.com
I've been answering your questions in Mutual Fund Mailbag for just about a year now, and I think I've gotten things mostly right. Just to be sure, though, I've asked some of the investing world's top minds for their two cents. In this three-part series, I square off with Vanguard's John Bogle, efficient-market theorist William Bernstein, and finance professor Terrance Odean on the issues you've written in most about. This week: Bogle beats me up.

Investing internationally
05/01/2000: CNN
In this appearance on CNN’s “In the Money,” Jason discusses using mutual funds to invest overseas with safety.

Do the Experts Get the Future Right? Does Anybody?
02/01/2000: Money Magazine, Vol. 29 No. 2
Before you put all your money in that tech fund, consider how far off our expectations have been over the past decade. Jason Zweig With additional reporting by Erica Garcia

Diversification overrated? Not a chance
01/26/2000: money.com
Jason takes issue with an article in Worth Magazine questioning the value of diversifying your investments.

“Expert Q&A”
08/01/1999: morningstar.com
In this online chat, Jason fields questions from Morningstar users about everything from stock-picking “systems” to index funds, how and why to use a broker, investing in corporate bankruptcies, saving for college, the fine points of bond funds, and the ethics of financial journalism. [Conversation 676: in the “Jump to #” box, enter 676]

In defense of diversification
07/28/1999: money.com
Zweig answers critics who wonder why anyone would possibly want to invest in anything other than U.S. stocks.

12 Deadly Fund Myths -- and How to Profit from Them
02/01/1996: Money Magazine
Like the Ancient Greeks, fund investors believe in myths. Here we debunk the biggest and give you advice to make you a richer shareholder.

Invest Globally -- Still
12/01/1998: Money Magazine
Sure, the numbers are scary, but staying home is risky too. Why everyone should own an international fund.

Markets Where Only Fools Rush In
08/01/2007: Money Magazine
Why emerging markets are not a `no-brainer.`

What’s Under the “Emerging” Curtain
07/25/2009: The Wall Street Journal
Emerging markets are hot. Will they stay hot?

Should a Shrinking Dollar Worry You?
09/12/2009: The Wall Street Journal
What can American investors do to protect themselves from the declining value of the dollar?

Are ETFs Causing an Emerging-Markets Bubble?
11/07/2009: The Wall Street Journal
Is too much ``mindless money`` inflating the prices of stocks in the developing world?

Placing Your Investing Chips in the Right Countries
01/30/2010: The Wall Street Journal
Is the global map of your portfolio lopsided?

What`s in a Name: If It’s ‘China,’ a Pick-Me-Up
03/20/2010: The Wall Street Journal
Why sticking ‘China’ onto a stock’s name makes it go up.

Lenders Want Their Money from Chinese Milk Supplier
05/05/2010: The Wall Street Journal
With millions of cash gone and its executives missing, what happened at China Milk? A news story with Carolyn Cui.

Manias and Meddlers: The Secret Past of the Chinese Stock Market
10/23/2010: The Wall Street Journal
Government-controlled market bubbles in China date back more than a century, and in the past they didn`t end well.

Some Investors Are Betting That Japan Will Rise Again
03/19/2011: The Wall Street Journal
In the wake of the devastating tsunami, should you invest?

Can Annual Reports Save Lives?
12/17/2011: The Wall Street Journal
In one of the oddest outcomes of the financial crisis, U.S. securities regulators are now in the business of policing human rights in Africa.

Eurotrashing: The Latest Sales Pitch
02/16/2012: WSJ Online: Total Return blog
Direct marketers are starting to exploit the woes of the Eurozone.

The China Crackdown
04/12/2012: WSJ Online: Total Return blog
U.S. regulators hit hard at alleged cases of securities fraud by Chinese-based companies.

Emerging Markets: Should You Bond With Azerbaijan?
03/09/2013: The Wall Street Journal
Emerging-markets bond funds may have gotten too popular to produce good future returns.

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Efficient Frontier

Link to William J. Bernstein's "Efficient Frontier" online newsletter, where he serves up opinion that is, at one and the same time, both biting and mathematically rigorous, both challenging and fun to read. Full of righteous anger at the knaves and nincompoops who dish out most financial advice, Bernstein is an invigorating breath of fresh air.

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